Local Organizations We Support

We love helping the youth in the Middle Georgia community improve their lives by having the ability to explore and pursue their passions. To help support kids of all ages in the community, we support several organizations with the intent to help fund children’s attendance and involvement with the program.

The Macon Little Theatre is a place that was near and dear to Murray, as she loved attending their camps and participating in plays. A portion of the funds raised each year by The Murray’s Light Foundation goes to support the Macon Little Theatre to help kids attend their camps, plays, and programs. We believe that theater is a passion for so many kids, and being involved helps them to grow more confident and to have fun! 


Check out more on The Macon Little Theatre’s children’s program here.


The Otis Redding Foundation offers opportunities for youth to exercise their talents and expand their abilities. The Murray’s Light Foundation supports their mission and what they are doing to educate children through music. The Otis Music Camp is an impressive program, and a portion of the funds we raise each year goes to supporting this program, to help more kids explore their passion for music. 


Check out more on The Otis Music Camp here.

The Methodist Home is a faith-based organization working to better equip at-risk youth and families for the future. A portion of the funds we raise here at The Murray’s Light Foundation goes to support the Methodist Home in Macon, GA each year. We believe that their work in nourishing and enriching children’s lives helps set kids up for success, and helps them get closer to pursuing their passions. 

Check out The Methodist Home’s website here.