Murray's Light 2021

Thank you to our amazing 2021 Sponsors!!!

The Murray’s Light Event of 2021 was our fourth annual Murray’s Light event. It took place on Saturday, December 18 at The Society Garden in Macon, GA. Headlining the event was Grandville-Band! Based out of Athens, Georgia, Grandville is a rock band that has musical experience ingrained in each and every member, passed down for generations. From the soft woes of throwback rock, to modern musical influence, Grandville’s sound combines to suit the preference of many ears. The Opening Act was Front Porch Radio! Front Porch Radio is a jukebox of feel good music that will remind you of your Good Ole Days. Front Porch radio’s eclectic choice and twists on music will keep you singing through the ages, and even have you dialed into a few of their soulful originals. Despite the rain, the event was a success and we could not have done it without our AMAZING sponsors!!